2017 - März

31. März um 09:23 - Sad news.

Dear English-speaking customers!

Sadly, we are going to stop selling the English version of Finsterland by Amazon over the next weeks.
In three months, we managed to sell one book, while faced with over € 100.00 of extra costs. This doesn't work out, so we'll have to do it this way.

If you want the book, it is certainly available for the next two weeks, but I would recommend being quick as our account will be downgraded to regular on April 11th.

We are sad to have to take this step, but we have to take into account the business side of this.

Best wishes and we hope you enjoy our game.


12. März um 02:33 - Orden!

Jetzt gibt's mal wieder was Neues für Finsterland zu lesen. Orden! Warum nicht?