2016 - November

30. November um 10:34 - Campaign, part 3

So, part three. 

The campaign is now getting under way!

All the fun you can have.

22. November um 10:35 - Campaign, part 2

Here's the second part of the big campaign. 

I'd like to be, under the sea ...

21. November um 10:18 - Tarasien, Teil 8

Die Serie über Tarasien wird fortgesetzt und hier geht es ums Militär: 


 Danke an Sandra Rauch und Serkan Cakir für die Unterstützung!

Na bumm.

15. November um 11:31 - Start of translated campaign

I'm now translating one of the downloadable campaigns. It'll be published over the next weeks. 
Please note that the numbering system is the same as in the German version, which is why it starts at number 30. 

Part one

05. November um 10:05 - Finsterland - English print edition now available!

Dear fans from all over the world!

It is now possible to buy our book on Amazon.
We will next try to make it available via other channels and thank you for your interest and support!



01. November um 02:07 - Law and Order

Recht und Gesetz in Tarasien. Ich habe mich gründlich bei der Tang-Dynastie und Robert van Gulik inspirieren lassen.

Richter Di-Krimis!